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Cultivating Courage. Facilitating Change.

Bair Ruiz Enterprises


We cultivate courage and facilitate change.

Yali Bair Ruiz is dedicated to helping clients succeed by providing customized thoughtful, and creative services .  Our mission is to facilitate and inspire individuals and organizations to change, grow and evolve with courage and intention. Contact us to see how we might work together.




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Our Services

How can we help?

We offer a full range of services to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes evolve the way they do their work. 

Cultivating Brave leaders 

We partner with clients to provide thoughtful and fully customized staff and board development services.  We have expertise in facilitating workshops and retreats that result in meaningful change and actionable results. 

facilitating change 

Let's be honest.  Few people truly enjoy meetings.  Our goal is to help clients achieve the outcomes they want by facilitating information exchange, discussion and decision making.  Meetings are one part of this process, but our approach also includes survey planning, webinars, small and large group activities and other ways to meet your goals.

developing smart  strategy

We work with small businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop business strategies that meet the needs of their customers and communities. We also believe that strategic plans are useless unless they are integrated into every day operations.  That's why we offer comprehensive strategic planning and implementation support that includes coaching, stakeholder engagement, work plan development and other tools to help clients integrate strategy into all aspects of the organization. 


“Some of our most successful clients are also some of the happiest. They communicate with honesty and deliberation, they know how to let go of habits that no longer serve them, and they are determined to evolve with courage and intention. I believe all our clients can achieve the same”.
— Yali Bair, PhD


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